Margin Protection (MP)

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Margin Protection (MP)

Margin Protection is a coverage option that provides producers with coverage against an unexpected decrease in their operating margin. The plan provides coverage that is based on an expected margin, which is the expected area revenue minus the expected area operating costs for each applicable crop, type, and practice. MP is area-based coverage and may not necessarily reflect a producer’s individual experience.


The price discovery periods for MP corn, soybeans, and wheat begin August 15th. The first price discovery period for rice begins December 15th.

MP is offered either as a stand-alone policy or in conjunction with an individual buy-up base policy. If a grower chooses to purchase both MP and Yield Protection or Revenue Protection policy, the premium for MP will be reduced. The amount of the reduction cannot be known definitively until all information needed to establish liability under the base policy is known. The premium display is the maximum amount of premium per acre that could be owed for MP given the estimated market values and assuming no individual policy is purchased.

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