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Our proprietary technology is the power behind our risk management methodology.

As a Silveus customer, we will show you how every insurance product works and how it can help you manage your risk with a visual risk matrix report. This profit matrix helps you analyze options and make the best decision for your farm.

Our high level of expertise on understanding policy while incorporating the technology we use allows us to innovate the best policy choice for your farm. With many of our partnerships, some of which have 80 plus years of experience, our products and technology are supported by an AM Best “A” Excellent Rating.

Silveus has advanced with the industry while still proving our success since we began in 1940. See your farm in our Risk Matrix by requesting a Free Risk Assessment.

See your farm in our Risk Matrix by requesting a Free Risk Assessment

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“Another reason I chose Silveus Insurance group is because of availability of those private products like PriceFlex. If you pick a policy in February, it doesn’t mean its necessarily going one the best option throughout the year.”
—Bernie Walsh