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Understanding Whole-Farm Revenue Protection (WFRP)

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WFRP allows farmers to insure historic revenue across all commodities on the farm under one insurance policy, rather than each individual commodity. It is designed for farms to insure between 50% to 85% of their gross revenue, up to $8.5 million of revenue guaranteed. Producers with specialty or organic commodities, both crops and livestock, or those marketing to local, regional, farm-identity preserved, or direct markets, are eligible.

Whole-Farm Revenue Protection insures farmers against loss of revenue from commodities produced during the insurance period and commodities purchased for resale during the insurance period, and also provides replant coverage for annual crops. The number of commodities produced is a measure of the farm’s diversification, and determines the minimum proportion of revenue a commodity must contribute to the farm to be considered for WFRP. The commodity count calculation determines:

  • If the farm meets the three-commodity requirement needed to qualify for 80-85% coverage levels;
  • The amount of premium rate discount due to farm diversification; and
  • The subsidy amount – farms with two or more commodities receive a whole-farm subsidy

WFRP Eligibility

  • Be eligible to receive federal benefits

  • Be a U.S. citizen or resident

  • File a Schedule F Tax Form or other farm tax to be converted to a Substitute Schedule form for five years

  • No more than $8.5 million in insured revenue, which is the farm revenue allowed to be insured under the policy multiplied by the coverage level you select

  • Have no more than $1 million expected revenue from animals and animal products

  • Have no more than $1 million from greenhouse or nursery products

  • No more than 50% total revenue from commodities purchased for resale

  • Have buy-up coverage levels on federal crop insurance plan you choose with WFRP

  • Meet the diversification requirements of the policy by having two or more commodities, if a commodity you are raising has revenue protection or revenue history insurance available

  • Meet the diversification requirements of the policy by having two or more commodities if there are potatoes on the farm

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